About WooFDriver

In his quest to meet the activity needs of his four husky dogs, Bill "WooFDriver" Helman is a dog adventurer who has merged his enthusiasm for dogs and sports to create Dog Powered Go-Carts. Along with the WooFDriver team, he has custom designed and fabricated an entire fleet of one-of-a-kind Go-Carts for his adventures.


During the build of each Dog Powered Go-Cart, the team always prioritizes the dogs' safety and comfort. In addition to having both pedal- and electric-assist power to help in difficult or uphill terrain, each Go-Cart has cargo area for all the supplies the team will need for themselves and the dogs on the trails, and accommodations are made for the safe attachment of the dogs to clear them of the wheels and other cart components. 


While all the Go-carts in the fleet meet these criteria, each one is individualized according to how they will be used. Check each one out by clicking their image below.


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About The Go-Carts